.env not working? Bug?

We’re seeing that env vars are not set when running in a local rack.
e.g. we have a .env with MYSQL_PASSWORD set, yet the docker run generated includes docker run -i ... -e MYSQL_PASSWORD ... -e MYSQL_PASSWORD= -e ... instead of having the actual value set in the second key-value pair.
If we set a default directly in the Docker Compose file, it works.

Has anything changed as far as .env files go?

If you’re using “gen 2” (that is, a convox.yml file instead of docker-compose.yml, which has been the default now for quite a while) the .env file is not used at all. Instead the env is handled locally the same way as on aws using the convox env-commands.

The migration path is pretty simple by using convox env set < .env.

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I see. Kinda hard to figure out what follow breaking changes in Convox - that one, I missed.
21 days later, and I find my answer. Thanks :slight_smile: