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CLI release ID

I’m looking into integrating Sentry Releases and I would like to use as my release ID the same release ID as Convox. Is there an easy way to get a Convox Release ID?

Hey, you can use the CLI to get release information. convox releases is a good starting point.

Yes, but @ed_convox how would you use that for example in CircleCI, to get just the release ID that is about to be deployed?

So something like:

convox releases | sed -n 2p | awk '{print $1}'

would output you the ID of the most recent release to be created. Before you run your convox deploy you can capture that ID, and put into a file or env var for latest use, however you wish.
That’s something like what I’d do at any rate :wink:


Thanks @ed_convox you are the man

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