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Before / after promote hook of manual promote


Currently our “Promote” option for production workflow is set “manual”.
We have found apparently unexpected behavior of the workflow when we started to use “Before Promote” / “After Promote” hook.

The command set on “Before Promote” and “After Promote” is executed AFTER a build process is completed though we haven’t promoted the release.
It works as expected with “Automatic Promote” but doesn’t with “Manual Promote”.

My suggestion is to disable “Before Promote” and “After Promote” option when Manual Promote is selected because the naming is confusing. Or, it would be quite nice to make the hooks executed at the very moment the build does be promoted.

By the way, is there a way to execute automatically a specific command after manual promote?
Our use case is to let 3rd party services such as Bugsnag and SpeedCurve be noticed our release.


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