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[20191113121154] Metrics Enhancement, Logging Improvements


New applications will now have their default log retention set to 7 days.

This setting can be changed with the LogRetention app-level parameter. Setting this to a smaller window will maintain the performance and reliability of convox logs over the long term.

We recommend that you make a similar change to this parameter on your existing applications.

You can use the syslog rack resource to ship your logs out for long-term archival.


  • Reworks rack and app level metrics to use the new Metric Queries API
  • Adds service level metrics
  • New applications now have a default log retention period of 7 days. This will not affect existing applications.

Pull Requests

Meaning: if an existing app has already set LogRetention it won’t be changed AND if an existing app hasn’t set anything as LogRetention it will be kept as “forever”?