[20160802181945] Existing VPCs, NAT Gateways, and Infrastructure Improvements

Existing VPCs

You can now create a Rack in an existing VPC during convox install (#946) [@beedub]

$ convox install --existing-vpc vpc-12345678 \
  --vpc-cidr= --subnet-cidrs=,,

NAT Gateways

This release contains some fixes to move NAT Gateways for Private Racks from a custom CloudFormation resource (Custom::EC2NatGateway) implemented by Convox over to the native AWS::EC2::NatGateway as part of continued efforts to reduce custom handlers in Convox. (#968)

WARNING: The IP addresses of your NAT Gateways will change when you upgrade to this release. If you have whitelisted these IP addresses anywhere you will need to take note of your new IP addresses.

Infrastructure Improvements

We have finalized a massive internal refactoring that greatly simplifies generation of CloudFormation templates. Hats off to @awsmsrc and @MiguelMoll for this massive simplification of Rack! (#939)

  • Many custom CloudFormation resources have been removed for their native counterparts
  • The code for building images in development and production has been unified
  • Multiple fixes for convox start bugs around sub-projects and code sync
  • Removed the internal registry when ECR is available
  • Rack templates should now boot faster and more reliably thanks to better dependency mapping
  • Removed several unused Rack-level CloudFormation parameters