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Failing service blocked entire rack


i’m in a middle of a process of researching Convox as a tool for my company to host all our production apps and i encountered a huge blocker i’m not able to recover from.

First of all - i initially tested convox using CLI and EKS provider and everything went amazingly smooth. While being under charm of how great Convox works, i decided to go for Console (as it seems to be crucial for CI deployments?). First notable difference - Console seems to be based on ECS instead of EKS. I’m not sure where this difference comes from but i decided it’s not a blocker for us so i moved on and used the ECS.

Sadly, service i had defined in my convox.yml was throwing an exception on the new ECS stack (worked perfectly fine under EKS) so convox was not able to start it. However, instead of transitioning entire deploy job to some sort of failed state, it waited for service to start till infinity (is there any time-out value defined? I waited for, like, 20 minutes and the deploy command was still “waiting”).

After jumping into the AWS Console, i realized the container is failing so the service is trying to retry the task again and again. I decided to comment out the failing service part of convox.yml and try the deploy without it. It didn’t helped - deployment is still frozen.

I decided to remove the app completely and re-create it from scratch - i couldn’t as it’s impossible to remove app in “updating” state.

I decided i’m gonna remove entire rack and recreate everything from scratch - deletion somehow succeeded on the console side but i can still see all the convox-related resources on my AWS account and i can’t create a new rack (red question mark on the left side of racks name) under the same name. So i’m basically completely blocked. I assume all i can do is to manually remove every resource from AWS by hand?

How can i handle this entire scenario properly - starting from failing container blocking entire update/deploy behaviour of my app? Also - can you guys help me with removing the rack and starting from scratch? Is there any handy command/tip for that?

My company name on console is cuseum

Thanks in advance.