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Costs for the version 3 racks

I wanted to start a conversation about this in case I was missing anything. From what I can tell, here are the base monthly costs for version 3 racks in AWS (us-east-1)

  • NLB: ~$25 with some traffic (~$16 without traffic)
  • NAT: 3 x $33.75 = $101 (not counting traffic)
  • EKS: $75
  • Cloudwatch: ?
  • EC2 instances: t3.medium@$22.50 (with 1 yr. savings plan) x 3 = $68
  • EBS: 20GB * 3 = $6

What else am I missing? Looks like the base cost is at least $275 for 3 nodes.

Is the NAT cost there unique to the v3 racks? EKS cost is definitely unique to the v3 stacks which sucks.

The NAT cost does appear to be unique to v3 racks. I haven’t seen that expense in the v2 racks.